Can anyone enter?
Artists invited of all abilities.

When do I register by? 
Registration closes at 4pm on Sunday 19th April 2020

Can I submit something that I created beforehand?
Well, as long as its in keeping with the theme of the competition

Can I submit more than one art work?
Yes, but max 3 per person.

Is there a maximum or a minimum size for entries?
There is no minimum size but the artwork must be photographable and you must be able to get a good quality image of it to submit – phone image are fine as long as all the image is in view

How are the pieces judged?
– Each work of art must interpret the theme of the competition;
– Each of the three judges bring their own experiences and knowledge to the competition: we have a professional artist; a gallery owner and a local MP
The three judges will make a collective decision

How do you judge the people choice?
This will be done on the web site by a Facebook like button by each image which can only be ‘liked’ once and linked to your Facebook account

Is this a one-off competition?
We hope we don’t have a lockdown version again! This is our third competition. Our ambitions is for BIG ART to become a permanent date in the regions art calendar!